Ruby: A Versatile and Powerful Language

Ruby is an Open Source programming language that stands out for its flexibility and ease of use. It is ideal for creating web applications, scripts, data analysis and much more.

Key Features: Link to heading

  • Dynamic: Variables are not associated with a specific data type, allowing you to change their value throughout the program.
  • Interpreted: It is executed line by line using an interpreter, which facilitates its development and learning.
  • Object-oriented: It is based on objects to organize and reuse code.
  • Focused on developer happiness: Prioritizes simplicity and programmer productivity.

Advantages: Link to heading

  • Large and active community: It has a large number of resources, libraries and frameworks available.
  • Libraries: Wide variety of libraries for different tasks, such as web development, data analysis, data science and more.
  • Constant updates: The language is updated frequently with new features and improvements.
  • Maturity: It has a long history and a solid community that supports it.
  • Metaprogramming: Allows you to modify the code structure using the code itself, which makes it easier to create complex functionalities.
  • DSLs: Possibility of creating specific mini programming languages ​​for each domain.

Disadvantages: Link to heading

  • Interpreted: May be a little slower than compiled languages.
  • High memory usage: In some cases, it can consume more memory than other languages.
  • Limited parallelism: Cruby is an alternative to improve parallelism in Ruby.
  • Lack of a large company behind it: It does not have the support of a large company like other languages.

Installation on Linux: Link to heading

sudo apt-get install ruby-full

Ruby variants: Link to heading

  • JRuby: Allows you to link Ruby with Java, ideal for taking advantage of the functionalities of both languages.
  • MRuby: Used to create embedded applications with Ruby, ideal for devices with limited resources.

Start exploring the world of Ruby and discover everything you can create with this powerful language!